Monday, October 3, 2011

Starting a career as a rentboy

Rentboy services have become quite a popular career choice for many men all across the world. Being a rentboy will mean accompanying the client to various social events, spending time with them and providing them company. Men who are interested in starting their career as a rentboy will need some tips to get started on this well paying career.

Male escorts are in fact hired dates. Several women and men hire male escorts just so they can have some company. Women and men today lead busy lives and in most cases they do not have enough time to impress a man and get dates. There are several occasions when they need the company of a presentable man for various events and that is where male escorts come in.

Rentboys get paid quite well and are actually not under an obligation to have sex with their client if they prefer not to. There are plenty of rentboys who specifically provide services which are not sexual in nature and still manage to earn quite a good amount of money for them. For this reason hundreds of men all over the world choose this as their part time or full time career.

Starting the Career

There are a few things which will have to be kept in mind for those who want to start their career as a rentboy. Given below are a few tips which will help:

The first thing that needs to be kept in mind is that a rentboy will need to be good looking. It is not necessary actually to have an attractive face and features, but the overall look needs to be attractive. Start by paying some attention to your physical shape.

As a rentboy you will be expected to always look great. A rentboy will need to be presentable so ensure that you maintain good physical hygiene and invest in a presentable wardrobe. People will always be willing to pay higher if the escort is presentable and attractive. This is especially necessary for those who are targeting the high end clients. Learn how to entertain and hold your own at social events. Rentboy will have to accompany their clients to various events so it is necessary that they should know how to be their best at such events. Keep your manners in check and learn how to have a lively conservation. If you do not want to work independently you will have to look for an rentboy agency.

There are plenty of rentboy websites for independent escort that are always on the lookout for good rentboys. The reputation of the rentboy web sites depends on their escorts so they will want to choose the best. Do a little research and check the laws in the state where you reside about conducting sexual relations with your clients. Rentboys are different than male prostitutes. In many states prostitution is illegal but rentboy services are legal. There are plenty of clients who will also want erotic services from their rentboy so it is best to know what the law states beforehand. Do not provide any services which are illegal at any cost since it will only harm your reputation and that of the rentboy website.

Starting a career as a rentboy is not so unheard of these days. With a few simple steps it is possible for any man to become a professional rentboy.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hiring a rentboy

Rentboy are not new phenomena anymore. Though female escort have been around for decades,not many have known that rentboy services have also been around for the same time number of years. Hiring the services of a rentboy is quite easy if a few things are kept in mind.

Rentboy services are quite popular these days, probably as much as female escorts. In the past few decades women have been going out and working. Due to this new found independence they gained financial freedom and with that grew the demand of rentboy services.

The biggest misconception that most people have about rentboys is that they are the same as male prostitutes. However,there is a big difference between both of them. Male prostitutes only provide sexual favors for the fees they charge. On the other hand rentboy provide company to their clients and this in some might include sexual favors too. Rentboys are presentable and quite socially active and more often than not women hire their services to accompany them to a social event.

Hiring the Rentboy

Finding the right type of rentboy is not so difficult especially since today there are plenty of good escort websites that provide a number of rentboys as per the requirements of the client. Given below is a guide on how to hire the right rentboy:

The first thing to decide is whether the services of the rentboy are needed for a woman, man or for a couple. There are rentboys who specifically cater to couples while others provide services specifically for men. Depending on the requirement, the correct category of rentboy can then be chosen.
Another thing to consider before hiring the rentboy is the requirement for services. If the escort is specifically required only for a social event or if erotic services would also be needed.
Look for a reputable website like RentGuy4Fun.Com. There are hundreds of sites for independents rentboys which can be found on the internet but reputation and safety should be the most important things to be considered. Sites that provide complete discretion should be given a preference.
Specify your needs and the type of services that you require. There will generally be a few rentboy to choose from in all categories. You will also have to decide between an in call and an out call service. In an in call service the client can go to the apartment or the room of the rentboy while in an out call service the escort will come to their hotel or house. The charges for both will be different.
When the date is finalized, the rentboy will arrive to the specified location to accompany you to the event or will spend time with you at the location specified.
In most cases the payment will have to be done on a date for the services of the rentboy. However, for extra services you might have to pay an extra fee to the rentboy.
Do not forget to tip the escort for their services at the end.

Getting the right type of rentboy is quite easy and stress-free. All you will have to do is go to the right independent escort's website and choose your rentboy.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rentboy Facts

There had been a time when rentboy were unheard of. However, through the last few decades as more men have become independent and wealthier they too are looking for the services of a rentboy. Plenty of men are now connoisseurs of fine men and finding the right man is just a phone call or an email away.

However, there are still a few misconceptions that surround the topic which need to be set straight.


The biggest misconception that people have is that male prostitutes and rentboy are the same. However, there is a fine line between them and a few differences do exist. A male prostitute will specifically offer sexual services for money. However, a rentboy will offer his time for the fees that he will charge. In several cases erotic and sexual services might be included but more often than not the client will simply want to spend time in the company of an attractive man or might even be looking for a companion for a social event. Rentboys are quite socially presentable and discreet which makes them the ideal companions.

Types of Rentboy

Finding the right type of rentboy is not difficult since there are plenty of different types of male escorts available today. They serve both female and male clients and even couples. Some rentboy especially provide their services to couples. Rentboy generally work through an independent websites and the site.

The websites have a very strict selection process for their rentboys and there is even a short screening of the clients in order to ensure that the experience is mutually enjoyable and safe. The dates have to be set up beforehand and the requirements too have to be mentioned specifically. Some rentboys will only work through word of mouth or through their own network, especially high end rentboys.

Benefits and Considerations

There are several benefits for the client from using the services of an rentboy. Single women and men need the company of a competent and attractive man for many occasions like an important business function or a social function. Rentboy can be booked for a day, a few hours or even for a long vacation trip, depending on the requirements. There are only a few things which need to be kept in mind like the rentboy website through which the rentboy's services are provided should be reputable and safe. Also, in certain states there might be legal laws which could be against it so it is always better to check beforehand.

Though in most places rentboy services are considered to be legal, there still could be a few laws governing the subject. It is best to do a little research and find out about the local laws and regulations before hiring the services of a rentboy.

Rentboy services can provide much needed company of an attractive man and is quite widely prevalent in the society today.